Top 20 cities with the highest online shopping purchase rates

White Paper

Figure : Cities with high rates of online shopping.

(a) All cities with more than twenty purchases per one thousand residents.

(b) A list of twenty cities with the highest number of purchases normalized to their populations.

Figure shows cities with the highest rates of online shopping for fashion items.

People in the areas around Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya purchase a lot of clothing online, while people in Hokkaido make fewer than twenty purchases per one thousand residents and don’t even appear on the map in Figure (a).

It is not only interesting to see when people buy, but also what they buy. You can see this data in next white paper report.

If you want to learn more interesting facts about Japanese fashion e-commerce trends, please select "日本のファッションeコマースの動向 の材料について" and send us your contact information from HERE.

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