What colors and sizes are most popular among online fashion shoppers?

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Figure 1:Price ranges for clothing items ordered online. The left side of a bar is the first quartile, the red line is the median, and the right side of a bar is the third quartile.

Figure 2:Top five most popular sizes for orders made in 2019.

Bags make up the largest portion of the revenue because the median price for a bag is more than two times higher than that for a tShirt as seen in Figure 1. Coats and clutches are the most expensive items, while tops and tShirts the least expensive.

Since tShirts and sweaters are bought online most often, it is not surprising that the most popular size is ONE, a size that supposedly fits all (see Figure 2). The second most popular size is Medium. Together they make up 40% of all purchased fashion items.

Figure 3: Thirteen most popular colors for fashion items ordered in 2019.

Anyone who has walked the streets in Japan knows that Japanese do not favor bright colors in their clothing. That is confirmed in Figure. 

Neutral colors are at the top of the chart with black and white taking the first two spots. The eye catching red and yellow are ten times less popular than black.

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