I find it very rewarding to be able to create “surprise” in the world.




Senior Partnership Manager


June 26, 2020

What do you do at Virtusize ?  

Since we are venture company, you can participate in all areas of the business, but broadly speaking  our business is divided into two areas. The first is the proposal of our services to new clients. Even if the overall size of the framework is decided, issues will differ from site to site, so when proposing our service we consider how to improve the UI/UX for each site and how ROI will be maximized by introducing our service. Secondly, there’re many clients who already use our services as partners, so we perform tuning of the service for them. We use one of our strengths, which is the amount of data that we can collect, to discuss detailed analysis and improvement plans. In addition, while receiving feedback, if there are any issues that we can solve through new development, we create new projects and lead the design and development.

What motivates you the most ?

Nowadays, I find it very rewarding to be able to create “surprise” in the world.

When I started my career as a fresh graduate working as an e-commerce consultant for a major e-commerce mall in Japan, I always bought products from e-commerce sites several times a week as a way to learn. However when I bought a polo shirt for the first time, I made a big mistake when selecting the size and since then I decided that I would not buy fashion items at e-commerce sites until I joined Virtusize. Therefore, when I was introduced to Virtusize, I empathized with the issues that the service solves, and I wanted to further improve this useful function and spread it to the world. Since joining the company, I met with clients, participated in the user research of end users, and it was a very happy moment when clients experienced the convenience and I could affirm the "surprise".

How would you describe the Virtusize culture ?

We are a group of friendly professionals who exchange diverse values ​​and ideas.

As of June 2020, we have talented members in each field from about 15 countries, so it is a very exciting environment in which we exchange what we value ​​in services, finding the optimal solution and creating it together. And I think it's a relationship that transcends the barriers of a company, where we respect each other's opinions and work styles and can proceed flexibly.

I have only seen the first few episodes, but I feel that the impression of the TV series "LOST" is close. Everyday is exciting as the members of each country left behind on an uninhabited island contribute in their respective fields of expertise, find the direction they were aiming for and everyone escapes by boat.

Message to future colleague

I think it is a very interesting environment for those who want to create many surprises that have never been considered in the process of purchasing fashion online. If there is a service that can be made from the contents absorbed from the clients and users, and it can create inspiration and improve the efficiency of the somewhat late-developing e-commerce fashion field, the development team will create it. In addition, I think it’s hard to have a similar experience where new discoveries can be made every day just by looking at the data that has already been gathered and think about how to further improve the services. We are looking forward to welcoming new members who can board the same ship.

What do you do at Virtusize ?  




What motivates you the most ?




How would you describe the Virtusize culture ?




Message to future colleague


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Chief Experience Officer


July 17, 2020

I love how exciting my job is and how open our company is to new ideas.




Software Developer


May 29, 2020

It’s a great place to experience working in a multicultural environment.




Backend Software Engineer


May 7, 2020

I like the variety of data the most. It never gets boring.




Head of Data Science


April 15, 2020