We are Virtusize

We are a fashion big data company committed to turning product and user data into fun and intuitive online shopping experiences for users all around the world.

We give user the power of utilizing their own online wardrobes to help them find items they will truly love.

Our vision

Using data to navigate
the online fashion jungle

E-commerce was not created with fashion in mind. It was meant for standardized products like books and electronics, where factors like how it fits, feels or compares with items already owned aren’t crucial to the shopper’s purchasing decision.

In the past 20 years, not much has changed. In general, the structure of a product page when it comes to fashion is still underwhelming - consisting of a few product images, a price tag, and an “Add to cart” button. Very little has happened to inspire and guide shoppers that visit a fashion retail site.
But we see the silver lining.

We see an opportunity to reimagine and disrupt how fashion is purchased online, and believe that this opportunity lies in utilizing data. Many brands and retailers heavily invest in data collection. However, the same retailers struggle to turn that data into intuitive and enticing user experiences, and as a result, fail to successfully and reliably convert visitors into customers.

That’s where we come in.

We are a fashion big data company with the mission to create delightful and intuitive solutions that help shoppers find fashion they will genuinely love. That’s why we’re working hard to bring easy to understand fit recommendations to the world.

Solving these problems is our goal and data is our compass.

Our Story

Finding fashion we truly love

Virtusize started in Sweden, with a group of friends passionate about fashion.

When fashion started to enter the realm of the internet, we were excited to have the world of clothes at our fingertips. There was just one problem – fashion shopping online is a jungle and finding products you will truly love is a real challenge. We started looking for product data to guide us but quickly realized that most data is hard to understand and doesn’t lead us to products we want to buy. When a product finally arrives, we are often left disappointed that it doesn’t fit. There had to be a better way.

We started to wonder: what if we could gather product information at scale and translate it into understandable and intuitive information? What if we could create a new user journey for finding fashion products that we would truly love?

First off, we knew that we had to solve the biggest bottleneck to buying fashion online: finding the right size and fit.

So we started working with some of the fashion world's best pattern makers and online retail stores, conducting research with the Swedish School of Textiles and early clients such as Acne Studios to help guide our journey.

A strong demand for our solution made us focus on Asia and in 2018, we moved our HQ to Tokyo, Japan, where we now have a growing team of developers, designers and data scientists.

Our valueS

We play a part in the wider scheme

During our journey, we’ve come to realize what is important to us, what makes us successful and what makes us click as a group.

We are inclusive. We believe in the diversity of human expression. That is why we offer solutions that serve the needs of a broad audience. We make space for everyone, regardless of gender, background, ethnicity or orientation, in our team and among our users. And most importantly, we understand that inclusion means working hard to bridge gaps and enable people of all backgrounds and capabilities. As a result, we have built an amazing and diverse team of top talents from 13 countries around the world.

Data drives us, creativity guides us. We strive to provide accurate solutions for our clients and users, at speed and scale, by using relevant data. Yet we know that data is no substitute for empathy and creativity. The numbers tell us what is. Creativity tells us what could be.

We are sustainable. We believe that we have a long-term part to play in society and in our industry. We are not going to solve global environmental problems all on our own, but we are very willing to play our part and we strive to take a leadership role, from using renewable energy to power our office in Minami Aoyama to limiting the use of pet bottles and plastic. We adopt the same long-term thinking when crafting our relationships with clients and the ecommerce industry. By helping shoppers find fashion that they truly love, we help reduce returns and waste, lowering environmental impact.

OUR Awards

We are the world's most awarded size and fit service


우리는 치수와 핏 서비스 부분에서가장 큰 상을 수상했습니다

We build cutting-edge services and user experiences to help shoppers and our clients... but winning awards remind us that we are on the right track.

Our team

A team of talented leaders,
from around the world


전 세계를
아우를 수 있는
글로벌 능력의 팀

We have an amazing team of top talents from 13 countries (and growing!) across the globe, ranging from product design to data science. Find out more about who we are below.

Andreas Ueno-Olausson

上野 オラウソン・アンドレアス

Andreas Ueno-Olausson

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Morinaga


Mark Morinaga

Chief Operating Officer

Zélia Sakhi

サキ ゼリア

Zélia Sakhi

Chief Experience Officer

Zaidin Amiot

アミョ ザイディン

Zaidin Amiot

Chief Technology Officer