New Partner - piu di aranciato & iroma.. aranciato

We are very happy to announce a partnership with leading select shop company Bishop Inc!

You will be able to find fashion you truly love with Virtusize on both of Bishop’s online stores: piu di aranciato and iroma..aranciato!

Besides our flagship size comparison service that allows users to compare the measurements of the item they're buying with one that they own, we're offering two other size recommendation features based on purchase history and a visual simulation of the item's fit based on a user's height.

【About bishop.,inc and their two brand websites】


Founded:2001, CEO:Tatsuya Nakagawa, Address:Osaka

piu di aranciato is a select shop that carries the latest seasonal brands focusing on high quality daily wear, both in Japan and overseas.

iroma..aranciato is a select shop that deals in high-quality clothing and daily necessities made in Japan, such as R & D.M.Co- and THE HINOKI.

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