T-shirts are the most popular product to buy online, but what product drives the most revenue?

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Figure: Quantity share, revenue share (a) and their difference (b) for various product types.

(a) Relationship between the share of the total number of items bought (left circles) and the revenue share (right circles).

(b) The percentage point difference between revenue share and quantity share.

Figure(a) shows the relative share for the number of items bought as well as the revenue they bring in for different product types.

By far the most popular items to buy online are T-shirts and sweaters. Probably mainly because it is a lot easier to order the right size for a T-shirts rather than jeans without trying it on. That’s where fitting solutions like Virtusize can help. If looking only at items bought after using Virtusize, pants are the second most popular items bought.

T-shirts might be bought most often, but they are third when it comes to revenue.Bags bring in the most money when compared to other items. They only make up 6.4% of the items bought, but contribute 15.7% to the total revenue. The percentage point difference – revenue share minus quantity share – is shown in (b). Bags and T-shirts have the highest differences as was evident from the steeply sloping lines in (a).

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